GigE Cables

GigE Vision® is a camera interface standard which allows fast image transfering, offered at a low cost.   GigE Vision® cables come in very long lengths.  GigE Vision® offers many benefits including:

  • High bandwidth (125 MB/s) transfers large images quickly in real time
  • Uncompromised data transfer up to 100 meters in length
  • Highly scalable to the fast growth of Ethernet
  • Standard hardware and cables allow easy, low cost integration

We stock a wide variety of standard cables and can customize to meet your specific industrial application needs, just ask!

Industrial GigE Ethernet Cables
Part Number Length (meters)
GE-1M 1
GE-5M 5
GE-10M 10
GE-15M 15
GE-HF-3M 3
GE-HF-5M 5
GE-HF-10M 10
GE-HF-15M 15


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