Aerial Imaging

Aerial Imaging using Machine Vision cameras

Aerial Imaging Cameras

Whether your machine vision application is surveying, mapping, land-use planning, archaeology, movie production, environmental studies, power line inspection, surveillance, commercial advertising, conveyancing, construction site assessment, agriculture, or remote sensing - obtaining clear, sharp images from a moving aircraft is one of the biggest challenges you will face.  Factors to take into consideration when selecting the appropriate aerial cameras are:

  • Resolution
  • Sensor Size
  • Sensitivity
  • Noise
  • Shutter Type
  • Dynamic Range
  • Bit Depth
  • Size Weight and Power

Our engineers can recommend the best industrial cameras to best meet the needs of your specific aerial application.  We will work to minimize motion blur while covering as much ground as possible. Our industrial cameras are designed for rugged use and proven repeatable performance day-in and day-out. Our industrial CCD and CMOS cameras with are available in various sensor sizes, shutter options and interface options.  

Camera Series to Review: