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We offer a wide variety of Schneider Optics lenses. Schneider Optics is known for manufacturing high-quality, high-reliability and high-performance optics for OEM's.  Schneider Optics supports the highest resolution cameras and the largest line scan cameras with their high quality megapixel-class lenses which are well suited for factory automation and precision measurement applications. Schneider Optics lenses are available in 2/3” to 43mm (F-mount) format. The 5 Megapixel APO-Xenoplan family is specifically optimized for the popular 3.45um pixel size of today’s finest CMOS sensors. All Schneider Optics lenses are made from the finest quality glass and feature extremely low distortion, metal barrels with locking screws to ensure long-term stability in production environments, and offer some of the shortest minimum object distance (MOD) in the industry. Schneider Optics lenses are optically corrected and broadband coated for the spectral range of 400-1000nm, 400-700nm, and 700-1000nm, offering optimal transmission across the VIS-NIR spectral range. Schneider Optics is one of the superior lens manufacturers that publishes and warrants lp/mm, MTF, and transmission data for its lens products.

We can provide free demos for qualified OEMs.  Please contact our engineers, who are certified vision professionals to assist you in selecting the best lens for your project.

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