Vision Systems Technology offers new 29MP Vieworks camera

Camera uses 29 million pixel interline transfer CCD making it the highest resolution electronic shutter CCD camera currently available 

Vieworks (Seoul, South Korea), a leading manufacturer of high performance 12-bit digital cameras for Medical, Industrial, Scientific, and Military market applications, announces the availability of the 29 million pixel - 4 FPS - 12-Bit digital camera, the VA-29MC-M4.

Vieworks technical expertise is proven as a leading supplier to Medical Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy applications over the last 10 years. Vieworks has leveraged their design and manufacturing expertise into a new line of high performance industrial cameras becoming the world’s leading supplier of 16 million and 11 million pixel resolution cameras to the flat panel display inspection market. A market characterized as requiring the highest level of performance and reliability. 

The VA-29MC-M4 extends their high performance camera portfolio by incorporating the latest interline transfer CCD image  sensor technology available to provide 29 million pixel (6,576 x 4,384) resolution, electronic shutter, and 4 frame/sec readout speed in a full 35mm optical format. These features make the VA-29MC-M4 the highest resolution CCD electronic shutter digital camera currently available. The VA-29MC-M4 camera measures 68 x 68 x 83mm in size and weighs only 460g making it easy to fit into tight spaces. Powering the camera is simple due to the 10-14 VDC 8W input power rating. Built-in features such as programmable LUT, Flat Field Correction, Exposure control and many more features make it easy to use. Industrial, Scientific, Military, and Aerial imaging customer will benefit greatly from having this high resolution, fast readout, and electronic shutter. 

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