248 FPS SVGA CMOS GigE Genie Nano Camera

Model: C800 Color

Model: M800 Mono

Model: M800-NIR Mono

The Genie Nano-C800, M800 or M800-NIR uses the On-Semi Python-800 sensor with a resolution of 800 x 600. Teledyne DALSA's Burst Acquisition and TurboDrive feature allows for image capture rates of up to 566 fps in SVGA resolution while maintaining great image fidelity. The sustained frame rate without Turbodrive is 248 fps.

The Genie Nano-C800, M800 or M800-NIR takes advantage of gigabit Ethernet technology, transmitting data over standard CAT-5e and CAT-6 cables to distances of up to 100 m. Like all Teledyne DALSA GigE cameras, the Genie Nano-C800, M800 or M800-NIR is based on AIA (Automated Imaging Association) GigE Vision Standard to directly link the camera to a PC. And all Genie Nano cameras are built with Teledyne DALSA's Trigger to Image Reliability which controls and monitors the entire process from trigger through image capture and transfer to host memory and helps protect you from data loss.

These cameras are extremely reliable with an Industry leading 3 year Warranty.  The Genie Nano-C800, M800 or M800-NIR  are one of the most cost effective high performance cameras available.   These camera are perfect for applications where the risk of damage is high but the image acquisition is extremely important.  Ordinance Testing is an example of an application where you do your best to protect a camera but with the high-speed capability and a proper lens, these cameras can be used in place of very expensive high-speed motion analyzers.

Teledyne Dalsa Genie Nano
  • Available in Color, Mono and NIR models
  • Uses standard PC Ethernet port & hardware
  • Supports cable lengths up to 100 m (CAT-5e or CAT-6)
  • Simplified set-up with field proven Sapera Essential software featuring CamExpert
  • Engineered to accommodate industrial environment with a ruggedized, screw mount, RJ-45 connector
  • Optimized, rugged design with wider operating temperature
  • Industry leading 3 Year warranty
  • OnSemi Python 500 CMOS Image Sensor
  • Higher frame rates with Teledyne DALSA GigE Vision TurboDrive Technology
  • Visual camera multicolor status LED on camer back
  • Multi-ROI support
  • 2 (default models) general purpose opto-coupled inputs
  • 2 (default models) general purpose opto-coupled outputs (user, counter, or timer driven for Strobe and Flash triggering)
  • Counter, Timer, and Events available to support imaging applications
  • Cycling mode supports multiple camera setup switching (including Multi-Exposure)
  • Supports Image Time-Stamp based on IEEE1588-2008 (PTP: Precise Time Protocol) or an Internal Timer
  • Programmable Look-Up-Table (LUT) available
  • Multicast and Action Command supported
  • Image metadata supported
  • Supports Power Over Ethernet (PoE) or auxiliary power input
  • Implements 32 MB of Flash Memory
  • 2 User Settings sets to store and recall camera configurations
  • Supports the Gigabit Ethernet PAUSE Frame feature
  • GigE Vision 1.2 compliant
  • Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) interconnection to a computer via standard CAT5e or CAT6 cables
  • Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) transfer speed up to 115 MB/second
  • Application development with the no-cost Sapera™ LT software libraries
  • Native Teledyne DALSA Trigger-to-Image Reliability design framework


Resolution (MP)
Resolution (H x V)
Frame Rate
Line Rate (KHz) Not applicable.
Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Lens Mount C
Optical Size 1/3
Pixel (u)
Pixel Data Format 8/10
Sensor Size
Sensor Type CMOS
Color, Mono or NIR