71MP 4.2 FPS 10-bit CMOS Cameralink Vieworks Camera

MODEL: VC-71MC-C4 (color)

MODEL: VC-71MC-M4 (mono)

The Vieworks VC-71MC, is the newest camera in the VC CMOS seris.  The VC-71MC has a Camera Link digital output interface that run 2.1 FPS in Base mode and 4.2 FPS in overclocked Medium mode.  The VC-71MC has a 71 megapixel CMOS imaging sensor (CHR 70M) making use of  Vieworks’ innovative technologies proven with years of use by world’s top FPD (Flat Panel Display) manufacturers.  The VC-71MC camera offers not only highly uniformed images but also fast image throughput. When comparing the price of other ultra-high resolution digital cameras with a lower resolution, the VC-71MC is very affordable.  The 71MP camera is well suited for applications that need a lower price point camera with high quality image uniformity and a resolution that renders fine image details due to a high MTF such as FPD, PCB, and semiconductor inspections.

The overclocked pixel line rate makes the rolling shutter effective for capturing moving objects without the artifacts normally found with rolling shutters.  The 3.1 micron sq. pixel provides very high MTF for objects being measured with our SPO Telecentric lenses produce outstanding 12-bit images. 

Our cameras simple work out of the box, giving very reliable and repeatable performance to the standard you would expect.   The VC-71M Digital Vision Camera is rugged and design for reliable operation over a wide temperature range.   The cameras are available with a Bayer (color) CFA or monochrome sensor.  

We provide the best pre-post sales/support you will find in our industry.  We are price competitive & provide free demos to support your vision integration project. 

71MP 4.2 FPS 10-bit CMOS Cameralink Vieworks Camera
  • 71 Megapixel Resolution (10000 × 7096 pixels)
  • Camera Link Medium Interface up to 4.2 fps
  • Rolling Shutter
  • Flat Field Correction
  • Pixel Defect Correction
  • Non-uniformity Correction (DSNU and PRNU)
  • Field Upgradable Firmware
  • 68 ㎜ × 68 ㎜ × 103 ㎜, 420 g
  • Operating Temerature:  0℃ ~ 40℃, Storage: -40℃ ~ 70℃


Resolution (MP)
Resolution (H x V)
Frame Rate
Line Rate (KHz) Not applicable.
Interface Camera Link
Lens Mount F
Optical Size 35 mm
Pixel (u)
Pixel Data Format 8/10/12
Sensor Size
Sensor Type CMOS
color or mono