Emergent Vision HT-2000 10GigE Digital Industrial Camera

Emergent Vision HT-2000 10GigE 2MP 338FPS Digital Industrial Camera

The HT-2000 camera with CMOSIS CMV2000 sensor of HT Family of cameras have arrived! Using the 10GBaseT interface, with its sleek smaller case and CAT6A connection, this camera has the familiarity of GigE but with 10x the speed. Using CAT6A cabling, you can get cable lengths from 1 meter up to 100 meters. The HT-2000 with its 2MP (2048 x 1088) resolution features square pixels that are especially attractive for the optical analysis of fast moving circular and square objects. Like all Emergent Vision cameras, the HT-2000 offers various triggering modes for the precise synchronization at <1µs. Thanks to its CMOS Global Shutter technology, the frame rate can be increased to over 17700 frames per second, providing a crisp, blur-free image signal with high dynamic range.


10GigE (a.k.a. 10 Gigabit Ethernet) is the successor to 1GigE (1 Gigabit Ethernet), which became the leading interface for machine vision applications from about 2008 on. 10GigE, as the successor, provides all the same benefits of 1GigE but with a ten-fold increase in data-rate, which leads to a ten-fold increase in transmitted frame rate or image resolution. 10GigE, as with 1GigE, is a cross-industry standard, which has been around for many years and is managed/produced by the IEEE 802.3 working group. The 10GigE standard is the state-of-art technology in any modern office IT and used for the simultaneous transmission of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephone communication, video conferencing and other data. Thus Telecom providers, data processing centers, industrial control units as well as security and defense installations utilize 10 Gigabit Ethernet as their default communication technology.  All Emergent 10GigE vision cameras are GenIcam and GigE Vision compliant.


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Emergent Vision HT-2000 10GigE Digital Industrial Camera
  • Main Features
  • Applications
  • Technical Specifications

Emergent Vision HT-2000 | 10GigE 2MP 338FPS Digital Industrial Camera

  • 2 Megapixel (2MP) camera
  • 338 Frames per Second (338 FPS)
  • 10GigE interface
  • High Speed 10GBaseT RJ45 Interface
  • 10x the Speed of GigE
  • Cable lengths from 1M to 100M
  • No Fiber Converters Needed
  • No Frame Grabbers
  • GigE Vision Compliant

MODEL:  HT-2000-S

Resolution (MP)
Resolution (H x V)
Frame Rate
Interface 10 Gigabit Ethernet
Lens Mount C
Optical Size 2/3
Pixel (u)
Pixel Data Format 8/10
Sensor Size
Sensor Type CMOS
Color, Mono or NIR