HikRobot MV-CH310 - Open Box

SALE PRICE $3,000.  MSRP $6,000.

HikRobot MV-CH310-10XM-F-NF is a 31MP global shutter Front Side Illuminated (FSI) CMOS monochrome camera.  This camera is well suited for machine vision applications due to Sony's advanced 3rd generation IMX342 image sensor.  6464×4852, 3.45µm pixel size, APS-C Sensor, up to 17.9 FPS at 8bits, 12.1 FPS at 12bits, with an industrial standard CoaXPress 4 Channel CXP-6 interface.  Machine Vision applications such as Automated Optical Inspection of PCB require low read noise and high dynamic range. The read noise is better than most CCD image sensors.  The camera is designed for rugged use and is compact enough for use in Aerial Drone Applications, measuring at 74mm×74mm×75.6mm.  The MV-CH310 has the most popular industrial lens mount, a F-Mount.  The camera has a Cooling Fan that passes air over external heat sink fins.  The camera is sealed and suitable for use in most industrial environments.

The MV-CH310 is also a good replacement for cameras using the OnSemi discontinued CCD sensors such as the KAI-29050 CCD (29 MP).  With a low read noise better than many CCDS (typically 7-12 -e), no smear as you find in CCDs,  a Dynamic Range (DR) with a large latitude, uniform linearity, compact design, and priced far below many CCD cameras, the MV-CH310 is a great choice for machine vision applications that need a replacement for 29MP CCDs.

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Resolution (MP)
Resolution (H x V)
Frame Rate
Interface CXP (Coaxpress)
Lens Mount F
Optical Size APS
Pixel (u)
Pixel Data Format 8/10/12
Sensor Size Not applicable.
Sensor Type CMOS