Indigo Imaging sCMOS 43MP 10 FPS 12-bit Global Shutter Camera


The IDG-4500-M-G-CL is an ultra-high resolution Scientific-CMOS (sCMOS) camera equipped with a CameraLink interface. With the CameraLink interface, it will achieve 7fps CameraLink Medium and 10fps CameraLink Full interface. Because it uses global shutter, it has the advantage on detecting moving object such as FPD detection, semi-conductor inspection and industrial imaging.

The Indigo Imaging IDG-4500 is one of the most advanced industrial cameras available. The new 43 megapixel imaging sensor (GPIXEL MAX 0806) is the highest sCMOS camera sensor available. sCMOS means "Scientific-CMOS", which characteristics are very low read noise, low dark current, and very good images. The global shutter provides excellent stopping power for moving objects and avoiding motion blur. The industry standard CameraLink interface allows up to 10 FPS and is GenIcam compatible. The camera Dynamic Range is 68.3 db and there is a Wide Dynamic Range mode where the darkest shadows and the brightest areas both can be imaged with 78 db. The camera is available with either an f-mount or an M58 thread mount. Size is 80 mm x 80 mm x 107 mm with a weight of 650g.

The camera has IO capability with RS-232 interface for applications requiring lens control. This sCMOS camera is well suited for the following industrial applications:  flat panel display inspection, microscopy, semi conductor wafer inspection, astronomy and life sciences. Vision Systems Technology is a North American authorized distributor of Indigo Imaging digital cameras. 

43 MP sCMOS Global Shutter 10 FPS High Performance Industrial Camera

Indigo Imaging | Model: IDG-4500-M-G-CL (mono)

  • 43 Megapixel (43 MP)
  • 2.8 micron pixel
  • 8/12 bit
  • sCMOS (Scientific-CMOS) sensor
  • extremely low read noise 1.45 e- <
  • Global Shutter
  • GenIcam compatible
  • 10 FPS CameraLink Full & 7 FPS CameraLink Medium 
  • Dynamic Range:  68.3 db
  • Wide Dynamic Range:  78 db
  • FFC & DFC correction
  • User defined defect pixel correction
  • ROI, Auto/Manual exposure & gain
  • LUT, 1x 1 & 2x2 bin, RS-232
  • Power 12 ~ 24VDC

Ideal for the following applications:  Document Digitizing, Film Scanning, Flat Panel Inspection, Industrial Vision Systems, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) and Wafer Inspection.

Resolution (MP)
Resolution (H x V)
Frame Rate
Line Rate (KHz) Not applicable.
Interface Camera Link
Lens Mount F or M58
Optical Size 35 mm
Pixel (u)
Pixel Data Format 8/10
GMAX 0806
Sensor Size
Sensor Type sCMOS