SVS-VISTEK EVO12040 15 FPS Dual GigE CMOS Industrial Camera (12 MP)


SVS-VISTEK EVO12040 15 FPS Dual GigE CMOS Industrial Camera (12 MP)

The SVS-Vistek EVO is a Dual GigE Digital Vision Camera with 12 Megapixel resolution running at 15 FPS.  The camera CMOS sensor is available in either monochrome or color.  There are 4000 x 3000 4.7 micron square pixels which has a diagonal of 23.5 mm.  The EVO compact size (50 x 50 x 46.7 mm) makes it ideal for integration into industrial machine vision systems.     SVCam EVO has low noise for achieving the highest quality images.  The versatile I/O can be used to control a lens, provide data signals needed by external equipment or signals to strobe a LED ring light.  The EVO has an extensive Software Development Kit (SDK) that is available for Windows OS or Linux.  The EVO is certified GigE Vision & GeniCam compliant allow for fast software development and code independence. 



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HR Dual GigE 29 MP CCD Digital Vision Camera

SVS-VISTEK EVO12040 15 FPS Dual GigE CMOS Industrial Camera (12 MP)

  • 12 Megapixel (12MP) resolution
  • 15 frames per second (15 FPS)
  • 4000 x 3000 pixel progressive scan /global shutter 
  • Auto exposure (gain und exposure time)
  • Industral housing with variable lens mount adapters
  • 8 or 12 Bit-transfer depth
  • Logic-trigger functions
  • Flat field correction
  • Tap balancing
  • Power supply: 10 – 25 V DC
  • Proven I/O-Concept: 2 x Input (0-24 V), 1 x Input RS-422,
  • 2 x Output (24 V, 0,3 A), 1 x Output RS-422, 1 x Serial RS-232
  • Direct controle of LED light
  • DualGigE-Vision interface
  • GenICam Standard compliant
  • 240 MB/s Bandwidth
  • Cable length up to 100 Meter
  • Various trigger- und exposure-modes
  • SDK for Windows (32/64 Bit) and Linux available

MODEL:  evo12040MBGEB (mono)
MODEL:  evo12040CBGEB (color)

Resolution (MP)
Resolution (H x V)
Frame Rate
Line Rate (KHz) Not applicable.
Interface Dual Gigabit Ethernet
Lens Mount M42
Optical Size 4/3
Pixel (u)
Pixel Data Format 8/12
Sensor Size
Sensor Type CMOS
color or mono