Teledyne Dalsa Piranha HS HS-40-04K40 High Sensitivity Line Scan Cameras

Piranha HS HS-40-04K40 High Sensitivity Line Scan Cameras

The Piranha HS-40-04K40 camera is a member of DALSA's latest high sensitivity, TDI based camera family. The Piranha HS-40-04K40 camera operates with a maximum line rate of 36 kHz and a throughput of 160 megapixels per second.

Camera configuration is extremely flexible and the number of TDI stages, Camera Link taps, throughput, and line rate are all software controllable. The camera is capable of bidirectionality, can store up to four sets of pixel coefficients and the selectable area mode of operation facilitates camera alignment.

The high level of sensitivity—up to 1170 DN/(nJ/cm²)— is accomplished using TDI technology with up to 96 stages of exposure, while the camera's antiblooming prevents localized overexposure from contaminating the information in adjacent pixels. 


Teledyne Dalsa Piranha HS | High Sensitivity Line Scan Cameras

Model:  HS-40-04K40

  • Line rate of 36 kHz
  • 160 megapixels per second throughput
  • Responsivity up to 1170 DN/(nJ/cm²)
  • Bidirectional
  • Antiblooming
  • Configurable Base or Medium Camera Link
  • Can save up to four sets of flat field correction coefficients
  • Stage selectability up to 96 stages
  • Selectable area mode of operation for ease of alignment
  • Mirroring and forward/reverse control
  • Programmable pixel to pixel correction
Resolution (MP)
Resolution (H x V)
4096x96 TDI
Frame Rate Not applicable.
Line Rate (KHz) 36
Interface Camera Link
Lens Mount F or M42
Optical Size 2/3
Pixel (u)
Pixel Data Format 8/12
Sensor Not applicable.
Sensor Size Not applicable.
Sensor Type CCD