Tattile Smart Cameras

Tattile S12MP is the world's highest resolution & highest speed Smart Camera with processing capability that reduces the imaging workload through a GigE Interface

Ultra High Resolution Fast Smart Camera

Tattile’s Smart Camera products are dedicated to Machine Vision applications in the most diverse industrial sectors including pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, 2D & 3D analysis. The Tattile Smart Cameras have powerful Image Processing architectures, with Dual Core processor and an FPGA of 125K elements.  

Tattile's Smart Cameras are technologically advanced with a compact design. Tattile's Smart Cameras are a standalone product where the camera body has a CPU that processes data, captures images, performs the check-ups required by the application, sends the results to the user’s machine either as data, data + images or images which lowers the bandwidth sent on the GigE ethernet interface, a key point.  The unique combination of sensor and process architecture allows these products to obtain high FPS for inline processing of image data within the camera and sending data (i.e. motion vectors) and some images as needed.   

The image processing power is due to the CPU Dual Core architecture and the FPGA which enables you to capture and process images at high speed for the most demanding Machine Vision applications.

Camera Model - Gigabit Ethernet
Model MP Resolution FPS Pixel (u) Sensor Sensor Size Spectral Lens Mount
300 FPS 12 MP Tattile Smart Camera S12MP