How does Image Sensor size relate to Optical Format?

Image Circle Calculation| How to calculate an Image Circle for a Lens

SPO offers custom Telecentric lenses

Telecentric Lenses by SPO | Custom Telecentric Lenses for your Application

Standard and Precision Optics (SPO), a leader in design and manufacturer of Telecentric lenses can provide customized Telecentric lenses for your demanding machine vision applications. Using design tools and expertise gained over many years, SPO is able to design customize lenses to meet your exact specifications. Contact us to see how SPO can help you.


The Grab (v2.1.0.2_171218), hereafter referred to as "Grab" LabVIEW software is an example program designed to demonstrate the various functions and operation of the Vieworks pixel shift cameras such as the VN-25MX-M72AO 25MP pixel shift coaxpress mono 72fps camera connected to a Euresys Quad G3 coaxpress board in a Win 10 computer running LabVIEW.  This software was developed using National Instruments LabVIEW 2015 and should run on LabVIEW 2015 or more recent.  The software is pro

A Look at Ultra-High Resolution Cameras

Advances in CMOS imaging sensor technology, coupled with the ability to leverage imaging technology needed to manufacture high-volume consumer products such as cell phones and flat panel displays (TVs & Computer Monitors), are driving development of Ultra-High Resolution (UHR) imaging cameras. These cameras offer the performance that today’s vision applications demand such as a larger field of view (FOV), greater accuracy, and faster throughput.