Cameralink, CoaXPress, GigE, Dual GigE, 10 GigE Vision Cameras

  • banner_image_of_vc_90mx

    Vieworks VC-90MX | World's First 90MP CMOS Camera

    The Vieworks VC-90MX camera has a 90 megapixel CMOS image sensor (Vieworks Proprietary Design) running 26 FPS, with a rolling electronic shutter. 

  • Light Weight Aerial 25MP GigE Global Shuttered Camera


    Affordable 25MP with GigE interface providing 20 FPS in burst mode.  An ideal camera for Aerial Imaging or Surveillance with the networked GigE interface, high sensitivity, small package,and very light weight!

  • genie_nano_polarized3


    The first Genie Nano model with a quad-polarizer filter (M2450-Polarized) uses the Sony Pregius 5.1 MP IMX250MZR monochrome sensor. These types of sensors incorporate a nanowire polarizer filter that allows detection of both the angle and amount of polarized light.

  • Aerial Imaging with 86 MP, 47 MP and 29 MP Cameras

    Aerial Imaging

    For ISR, Persistent Surveillance, Pipe Line Inspection, or Remote Sensing our 86MP, 47MP or 29MP cameras can be networked into multi-camera arrays with +100MP providing photographic resolution.

  • 43MP 10 FPS Global Shutter sCMOS Indigo Camera

    NEW 43 MP 10 FPS Global Shutter sCMOS Industrial Camera

    sCMOS Camera 2.8u pixel  Ultra-High resolution (7915 x 5436) Global shutter, 10 FPS  Read Noise under 1.5 e- Ultra low dark current FFC, DFC correction Hardware trigger/Software trigger Camera link V2.0 and GenICam standard

    Affordable! Contact us now [email protected]

  • Mobile Mapping
  • 12MP 330 FPS CXP Vieworks Camera

    PCB Optical Inspection

    Vieworks VC-12MX2 330 FPS Coaxpress digital camera has excellant resolution, low noise, high dynamic range, and fast frame rates for increasing the number of parts you can inspection per hour.  The world's first 8 Channel CXP camera is easily interfaced to a Kaya Instruments  8 Channel Coaxpress Komodo Frame Grabber.

  • Image of a VX-29MG color 29 MP GigE Camera

    Vieworks VX-29MG | Lowest Price EVER

    Save big with our overstock VX-29MG-C2A0  Industrial Cameras.  These are outstanding 29MP cameras with an extended operating temerature range, advanced networking support features, advanced camera functions such as in camera smear correction, auto-exposure and auto-gain. 29 MP 12-Bit Color CCD GigE 2.5 FPS,  1 year Warranty.




Vieworks Industrial Cameras & SPO Telecentric Lenses

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