Cameralink, CoaXPress, GigE, Dual GigE, 10 GigE Vision Cameras

  • Aerial Imaging with 86 MP, 47 MP and 29 MP Cameras

    Aerial Imaging

    For ISR, Persistent Surveillance, Pipe Line Inspection, or Remote Sensing our 86MP, 47MP or 29MP cameras can be networked into multi-camera arrays with +100MP providing photographic resolution.

  • image_of_vn-200mx


    The VN-200MX, the latest member of the industrial proven VN series, is the highest CMOS pixel shifting camera equipped with the CoaXPress interface. It features 50 megapixel resolution with frame rate up to 30 fps. This is the highest pixel shifting camera whose resolution is extended from 50 MP up to 427 MP.

  • 120MP 6.7 FPS Cameralink SVS-Vistek Camera

    NEW - SVS-VISTEK 120 Megapixel


    The SVS-VISTEK HR-120MCL is an advanced industrial camera that is small and light weight. The new 120 MP Canon 120MXSC sensor is the highest resolution monolithic CMOS sensor with a rolling electronic shutter supporting color or monchrome. The HR-120MCL Vision Camera has a Cameralink interface which operates up to 6.7 frames per second. Affordable!

  • Teledyne Dalsa Genie Nano GigE Cameras

    Teledyne Dalsa Genie Nano GigE Cameras

    Genie Nano, a GigE vision CMOS camera redefines low cost performance and adds proprietary camera technology for breakthrough speed, robust quality for wide operating temperature, and an unmatched feature set.  

  • image_of_vieworks_vs-2mu_banner.jpg


    The VS-2MU is a 2MP resolution scientific-CMOS camera with the USB3 interface. The VS-2MU uses the scientific-CMOS image sensor technology from Gpixel and offers up to 79.4 frames per second at 2048x1150 resolution. High sensitivity, Low Noise and High Quantum Efficiency!

  • image_of_teledyne_dalsa_nano_xl

    Teledyne Dalsa Genie Nano XL 1-GigE based on the On-Semi 16M & 25M NIR sensors NOW IN PRODUCTION.

    Teledyne Dalsa Genie Nano XL 1-GigE based on the On-Semi 16M & 25M Near Infrared (NIR) sensors NOW IN PRODUCTION.

  • 43MP 10 FPS Global Shutter sCMOS Indigo Camera

    NEW 43 MP 10 FPS Global Shutter sCMOS Industrial Camera

    sCMOS Camera 2.8u pixel  Ultra-High resolution (7915 x 5436) Global shutter, 10 FPS  Read Noise under 1.5 e- Ultra low dark current FFC, DFC correction Hardware trigger/Software trigger Camera link V2.0 and GenICam standard

    Affordable! Contact us now [email protected]

  • Dalsa 86 MP 16 FPS 12 Bit CMOS Aerial Camera

    Intelligence, Surveillance, & Reconnaissance (ISR)

    Dalsa 86 MP Camera is well suited for Aerial and Large Area Inspection Applications with a global shutter & a large 6 micron pixel operating at 16 FPS.

Vieworks Industrial Cameras & SPO Telecentric Lenses

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