Vision Systems Technology, LLC prides itself on focusing on customers’ requirements before proposing any imaging component. This consultative selling approach is unique in the marketplace and appreciated by our customers.

Consultative Selling Approach

We listen to your requirements and discuss any trade-offs that should be considered before we recommend a solution. If we do not have the solution we can help you find what you need from other sources

Extensive in-depth Knowledge of CCD & CMOS Image Sensors and Digital Camera Technology

Over 25 years of advanced digital design, 16 Custom CCD/CMOS sensor designs, 5 Patents, 10 years of consulting & working with the world's top image sensor designers, and a network of hundreds of technical resources uniquely qualifies us as your technical and trusted partner

Latest Available Technology

With our experience in the camera design and image sensor design, you are assured of getting the most advanced and state-of-the-art imaging technology. It is our responsibility to know what is being developed far before the imaging technology reaches the camera manufacture.

Pre/Post Sales Technical Support

Our in-depth technical knowledge ensures your integration of our imaging component goes quickly and simply. We are not just a supplier; we are your trusted partner.

Custom Solutions

With our extensive engineering experience, broad background in technology, and resources available to us, we can provide you with more than an off-the-shelf product.


Our certifications at VST allow us to provide you with top quality imaging solutions and technical support. 
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AIA Vision Professional
ITAR Compliant


We are proud to be working with our trusted partners. Nothing is more important to us than building strong relationships and providing quality solutions.
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