About Us


Vision Systems Technology, LLC (VST) was founded in January 2010 to provide customers with the latest machine vision technology available. Owner, Kris Balch (former Technical Director of Kodak’s Motion Analysis Systems Division) has been involved with high-speed imaging, CCD and CIS image sensor development and advanced camera developments for the past 35 years. This knowledge and experience is what defines VST as an industry leader.  While at Eastman Kodak Company and other companies, Kris gained over 44 years of engineering and business experience, making VST an expert in electronic imaging and able to fully understand how to best serve OEM customers.  We strive for the best possible business relationship.

At VST,  we provide the Technical and Sales & Marketing experience you need to make the right decisions for your project.

VST is an expert resource that works as part of your team!

Core Values

  • Help customers solve demanding imaging problems
  • Treat customers and partners with integrity, honesty, and respect
  • Vision System Technology exists for the long term
  • We seek continuous improvement
  • We understand your requirements before proposing any imaging components
  • We value long term relationships

Our Vision

We seek excellence by

  • Continuously assessing available technology
  • Providing a knowledgeable and technically competent source for imaging components
  • Succeeding with customers in new and emerging applications
  • Never forgetting our customers after a sale