SPO Standard & Precision Optics Telecentric Lenses

SPO Telecentric Lenses | Double-Sided & Standard

We offer a wide variety of precision telecentric lenses. SPO offers both Double-Sided Telecentric & Standard (Object Side) Telecentric lenses with an extensive selection of working distances, magnification ratios, resolutions and options including coaxial light ports, aperature control, and focusing units.  We can provide Blackbox data to assist in your modeling of the lens for your application.  Each lens is shipped with factory test data which confirms the lens performance and a quality inspection check prior to shipment.  SPO can make lens modifications fast and affordable for your machine vision requirements.  SPO supports the highest resolution cameras and the largest line scan cameras.  We can provide free demos for qualified OEMs.  Please contact our engineers that are certified vision professionals for assisting you in selecting the best lens for your project.  

Below are links to the various lens models.  View the entire 2020 SPO Brochure - HERE!

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