Vieworks VC-50MX Ultra-High Resolution 50 Megapixel Camera

50MP High-Speed CMOS Camera

Vieworks VC-50MX, the latest member of the industrial proven VC series which also includes the VP-50MX (cooled) and the VN-200MX (pixel shift 427 MP) digital cameras. The VC-50MX industrial camera has a CoaXPress interface which allows 30.9 FPS using 4 channels, 15.5 FPS using only 2 channels and 7.7 FPS using only 1 channel. The VC-50MX has the latest 50 MP (7920 x 6004) CMOS image sensor (CMV50000) from AMS CMOSIS which has a global shutter for stopping fast moving objects, reducing the motion blur. Vieworks has some of the most innovative technologies in the industrial digital camera market with proven reliability selected by world’s top flat panel display manufacturers. Vieworks designs offer both low noise, high resolution and precision optical front end make this camera instrument quality. Vieworks has won many industrial awards including taking one of the top honor as the 2015 Innovators Awards Platinum level winner from VSD.

If you truly want to see what a 50 MP industrial camera can do, just send us a request to look at some incredible 12-bit test images.  Shown below are screenshots of two (2) 12-bit  50 MP images of resolution targets with a FOV of 326 mm x 247 mm (includes black area) and zoomed areas of 300%. Vieworks test their cameras and produce EMVA-1288 Test Standard reports which can be used to compare performance to any other camera using the CMV50000 sensor. VC-50MX camera offers not only highly uniformed images but also speed for inline image processing capabilities. This camera is ideal for applications requiring instrument quality precision such as Flat Panel Display, PCB and semiconductor wafer inspections as well as microscopy, surveillance or aerial mapping.

A screenshot of a 50 megapixel image of resolution targets 326mm by 247mm Field of View and zoomed 300 percent



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Vieworks VC-50MX Ultra-High Resolution 50 Megapixel Camera
  • Main Features
  • Applications
  • Technical Specifications

Vieworks VC-50MX High-Speed CMOS 50MP Camera

  • 50 Megapixel sensor, 7920 x 6004 Resolution. 4.6 micro pixel from CMOSIS CMV-50000
  • Up to 30 FPS Progressive Scan
  • Global Shutter (every pixel exposed in sync)
  • CoaXPress Interface up to 30 fps at 25 Gbps using 4 CH
  • Pixel Defect Correction
  • Flat Field Correction
  • DSNU and PRNU Correction

MODEL: VC-50MX-C30D0-DIN (FM)  Color
MODEL: VC-50MX-M30D0-DIN (FM)  Mono


Resolution (MP)
Resolution (H x V)
Frame Rate
Interface CXP (Coaxpress)
Lens Mount F or M58
Optical Size 35 mm
Pixel (u)
Pixel Data Format 8/10/12
Sensor Size
Sensor Type CMOS
color or mono